UGCraft Rules
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                                                                                    These rules apply to every player and every staff member.

We ensure that all players have the best experience on the network by providing them with a safe, fair, and friendly playing environment. In order to achieve this, we strictly enforce a set of rules which all players must follow. By logging on to the UGCraft server or using the UGCraft Discord and forums, you agree to follow all rules that are stated below. Lack of knowledge of the rules will be treated as ignorance and a mistake on your part and you will not be exempted from the consequences of breaking them.

Global Rules:


Screen Sharing Rules:


Discord and Forums Rules:


Forums-Specific Rules:


Disclaimer: Account Sharing

Account sharing is not disallowed, but we highly discourage our players from sharing accounts. Several of our punishments include IP-bans or IP-mutes. Sharing your account could land you in trouble if your account is found on the IP of a punished player. Your account is your responsibility.


Make sure to contact a staff member if you have any questions about any rules or punishments.

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